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Spotlight On: Tony Moly.

2nd October 2016

Spotlight On: Tony Moly.

Tony Moly is quite possibly the cutest beauty brand, coming straight at you from South Korea! Not only do they offer high quality skincare and beauty products, but their packaging is also one of a kind; from bunnies to bananas, your dressing table is about to become a seriously cool ode to your teenage self. Even Selfridges has fallen for it's quirky charms, stocking a broad range of Tony Moly products, to satisfy the Korean beauty needs you never realised you had. Until now...

Today I'm talking about the products that I'm currently testing and that have helped me fall in love with the Tony Moly brand. I've seen a lot of positive reviews online about Asian beauty products, with South Korea getting a serious nod of approval when it comes to taking good care of your skin. There's a reason they look so good and it's a simple one: they look after themselves. I once read somewhere that their skincare regime is started as young as 11 and it's a pretty vigorous and strict routine, with the aim of preserving a youthful and radiant complexion. I don't know about you, but I was awful at washing my face when I was younger and at 24, I've only recently built a routine of my own.

I came across Tony Moly in May of this year, when I was browsing a Sephora store in Rome and the kitsch packaging caught my eye. As I said before, I was already on the look out for Korean beauty products and so I headed straight to their stand. I wanted to buy Pandas Dream there and then, but I wasn't ready to risk it being confiscated for violating hand luggage rules, when I got on the plane and so I had to give it a miss. Instead I bought the Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Cherry, which smells delicious and adds a natural tint to the lips along with a little moisture. It's the perfect size to keep in your handbag and adds a subtle bit of colour to your everyday make up look. What's more, the bunny head lid is adorable! I tend to wear this when I'm looking for an easy lip colour, for work or travel, that doesn't look ridiculous when it fades. Highly recommended and an A+ from me!

I found Pandas Dream and the Banana Sleeping Pack by chance in a visit to TK Maxx and I cannot tell you how excited I was to finally have some Tony Moly skincare. Especially since I had been lusting after Pandas Dream for so long and asked numerous people to look for it on their holidays. We'll talk about that one first. The full name for this product is Panda's Dream White Magic Cream and it's a pretty dense moisturiser that you apply after your nightly face routine. It works into the skin overnight and you wake up with a glowing matte base, ready for your daily makeup application.

The first thing I noticed about it (bar the fact it's shaped like a panda!) was the smell, as it reminds me of a spa. There's a soft floral scent with undertones of cucumber and something sweet, it's actually a really refreshing and calming smell - perfect for night time. Unlike a lot of moisturisers, Panda's Dream doesn't leave your t-zone oily and instead just leaves skin soft and supple. I love how revitalised and youthful I look in the morning and I always feel more ready for my day, as my face isn't dry or tight. I would recommend this to someone looking to up their evening skin routine, especially if you suffer with dry skin like I do. It's a great finisher for a good scrub and cleanse and leaves you feeling pampered and ready for a good night's rest.

On the other hand, we have the Banana Sleeping Pack, which I feel is more of a twice-a-week kind of thing. This one is great for particularly thirsty skin as it really works deep for some serious hydration and repair. The quite literal banana tube, is sure to get people talking, along with the sugary sweet banana smell! Unfortunately, if you're sensitive to artificial or banana smells, this product may not be suited to you, but thankfully I love bananas! If you can deal with the scent and to be quite honest it doesn't stick round for long, then this could be another fantastic addition to your routine.

Unlike Panda's Dream, this one does leave a little residue on the skin when you wake up, but the consistency of the product is quite thick and heavy. I highly recommend that you wash it off when you wake up and then you can see the real work that it has done overnight. Skin is once again more supple, with a healthy glow and plumpness. I also found that foundation applies like a dream, over a smooth and almost poreless base. It's definitely my go to when I've had particularly long day at work or my skin needs a little bit of life put back into it.

I am so impressed with the products that I have tried so far, that I am already making a shopping list for more! Next on the Tony Moly wishlist is a couple of sheet masks (maybe red wine?) and definitely the Strawberry Mushroom Face Scrub, I'm looking for something to accompany my moisturisers. I'm also really keen to try some more Korean beauty products and brands, like Etude House, but I'd be open to trying more. However, Tony Moly is so high on my favourite cosmetics list, that I'm not sure it can be topped, but never say never, eh? If you fancy trying some products yourself you can find them in Selfridges, YesStyle and Cult Beauty, to name a few...