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Westlab Epsom Salts & The Importance of Relaxation.

7th August 2016

Westlab Epsom Salts & The Importance of Relaxation.

I've seen Westlab Salts around and I've had a look at the bags before and pondered the idea of adding salt to my bath water, but always ended up over thinking and questioning the product - how much do you need? Does it dry out your skin? Is it really that good for you? Westlab offers affordable high quality natural bathing salts for general well being and enhanced health benefits. There's nothing nasty or toxic in their products and they have a range of salts to choose from to treat different ailments and help you relax. Himalayan Salts contain 84 minerals and are great for detoxifying the body and adding radiance back into the skin. Dead Sea Salts combat dry and itchy skin and soothe conditions such as eczema, whilst supporting natural skin healing. Finally, the Epsom salt range treats achy and tired muscles as well as helping with fluid retention and it's the product I'm here to talk about today. This time however, I'm doing a joint post and introducing my boyfriend's perspective on the product as well as both our views on the importance of relaxation in our different lifestyles.


I've only recently started to get into this whole routine of having a bath, especially before bed to unwind, destress and prepare myself for a good night's sleep. I used to love showering more as it was quick and easy and I could be in and out in 10 minutes, which is perfect for me as I prefer washing in the morning and feeling fresh for the rest of the day. Being a bit of a restless person, I also find laying in a bath quite boring as I struggle to switch off and fully relax myself, so I just couldn't cope. It wasn't until I started purchasing bath bombs from Lush that I found myself getting into the whole bathing routine and started to find it quite therapeutic; although I do admit that I have music or netflix playing to hold my attention... I'm not perfect! I've found though, that the older I get the more I want to pamper myself and try to live an easy and relaxed life and through this I've started to realise the importance of taking time out to rejuvenate myself, especially after a hard day.

Everybody can find stress in day to day life and relaxation is about making time to look after yourself as well as recuperate and repair your body. Even mentally demanding work can put strain on your body and it is extremely important to counteract these parts of your life with down time to clear your mind and prepare yourself for another day. I've worked in a couple of different industries from financial to fashion and each job, whilst full of opportunity and good memories, has also come with it's own hardships that can do damage to your body and mind. stress can start as a small flicker of fire and the more you feed it the bigger the flames get, until that fire consumes you and you suffer a serious burnout. I can't tell you how many times I've been teetering on the edge before I realised that I'd put everything I had into one area of my life without thinking of myself. I've now started to dedicate more and more time to just simply chilling out and doing the minimum in order to keep my life balanced and relaxed.

For some, a good movie with a bowl of popcorn on a rainy day can ease the stress demon and for others it's pampering yourself and giving back to your overworked body. Even though my day isn't physically demanding I can feel the strain of life in my muscles and I often get knots in my back where I have tensed up when things get a little overbearing. I was keen to try Westlab Epsom Salts as I liked the idea of soothing my muscles and soaking my body in something that would help rather than something that just smelt pretty. Though, I do love that too! I wasn't sure if I'd feel the effects, but I added 250g to my bath water as the packet suggests - for helping relax muscles and soften the skin - and immersed myself in the hot water. The product dissolves well in the water and doesn't really have much of a smell, but you can feel the subtle work they are doing to release tension in your body. After about 30 minutes I completely forgot about any of my aches and I felt more relaxed laying in a bath than I have done in a long while. I was also extremely impressed that they did not dry out either my skin or my hair, as this was a small concern of mine when I originally received the item. I think that I would prefer something with a little more scent to it as one of the things I love about the spa is that natural flowery smell, but the effect of the salts outweigh what is really just a minor preference of mine. I also think the price is extremely affordable as they cost £5.99 for a 1kg bag and whilst this does give you between 2-4 baths, it is more of a treatment product than a daily use one. I would probably suggest using them once a week on a specific day to help you recover and repair and I would suggest them to anyone to help with this process of relaxing and cooling down.


I'm a Bath guy.

I could spend all day soaking in a hot tub whilst reading with music blaring or listening to a podcast and I take bath time very seriously. I have a jacuzzi bath installed at home and I recommend products such as bath salts, oils or bath bombs, because if you leave the jets on too long with your favorite Radox you'll be having nightmarish bubblebath flashbacks for weeks, not to mention a sticky floor and no one wants that! I was really excited to try Westlab Epsom Salts as the packet boasted that it helps tired and stiff muscles and is great after sports and exercise and this is perfect for me as I work in construction. A lot of my daily tasks take their toll on my body and I suffer with aches, pains and often dry and cracked hands. The packaging suggests 500g to help soften skin and most importantly help ease the aches deep in my muscles, this means that a 1kg bag will see you through two bathing sessions. In truth, I was slightly skeptical that it may not work as other bath products have let me down but after 20 minutes of slipping into a hot bath with nice cup of tea, I noticed my back and shoulders were considerably less stiff and my skin felt less tight.

Relaxation is important to me because it gives me time to take stock of myself. While a long warm bath gives your body time to unwind and repair, it also gives you time to consciously process what your mind has gone through. Many people have had eureka moments to problems that they have been faced with in life while soaking in the tub or having a hot shower and it is actually where the term 'eureka' stems (look it up if you love your history!). Relaxation gives us the time to make better decisions without the stress of life altering how we perceive it. It is important for our body and mind that we take time out to relax and instill a sense of calm, however that might be and it truly allows us to repair from the stresses of life and return stronger.

I was really impressed with Westlab Epsom salts, as they helped me to take a quiet moment to relax and repair after an extremely hard day at work. I felt that they really delivered on what they advertised on the packaging and I shall be purchasing them from time to time as a sort of bath time treat. I feel that the price is fair at £5.99 for a 1kg bag, as the product is good but it will only see you through two baths if you need the same level of treatment as me and so I think it's worth using only after a particularly hard day or week. The only downside to the salts was that they lacked fragrance and I prefer coming out of the bath with scented skin, however this wouldn't stop purchasing them and I'd recommend them to people that have physically demanding jobs or lifestyles.

Both of us agree that the Epsom Salts really aided in our chill out time and helped us to fully rejuvenate after either stressful or physically demanding days. We're keen to try the other products that Westlabs has to offer and introduce them into our weekly pampering routine and further help us in our journey to a considerably less stressful and easier life. There are three different types of salts on the website and these range from £2.99 to £12.99 a bag considering on size, however they also offer other products including food grade salts, scrubs and dead sea mud. For the full range of products you can check out their site - here - and remember to relax!

*Post contains PR samples, but opinions are 100% honest and my own*