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Urban Meadow Cafe Brunch Review.

3rd August 2016

Urban Meadow Cafe Brunch Review.

A couple of Sundays back I had the pleasure of attending the #bigbloggerexpo in London, organised by one of my favourite blogger ladies - Lauren. Seeing as I was going to be in the capital for the day, I decided it was best to make the most of my trip and so I started to look into lunch deals for me and my friend - Kat. I've never used Wowcher before, but it was suggested to me by my mum and after a quick search I started to scroll the Sunday deals London had on offer. I finally came across an amazing 2-course-plus-a-bottle-of-prosecco brunch deal at the Urban Meadow Cafe by Hilton in Hyde Park for only £25! That's £25 for two people, two meals and bubbly, or £12.50 each! Incredible Right? I had a quick google of the venue, liaised with Kat and finally bought my voucher and booked our table ready for our trip.

The cafe was very easy to find, the closest tube station was Notting Hill Gate and it was only about a 5-10 minute walk from there (plenty of time to catch some pokemon...) and seeing as it looks exactly like the pictures online it's very easy to spot! On that particular Sunday the venue was a little quiet when we arrived, but we did get there 10 minutes early and as our meal went on, more people started to filter through. IT's quite a large space and wonderfully decorated with metal leaves adorning the ceiling mirrored into prints on the walls and windows. The tables are set up almost cafeteria style, but this adds to the ambience of the venue, as I imagine on busier days the room is filled with chatter and laughter and there's an overall feeling of togetherness and joy. I like the idea of people sitting close to one and other and seeing as it's not a glossy restaurant it can afford to be less exclusive in its seating options and it works really well with the interior theme. If sitting inside on a warm Sunday in July is not your thing, there is outside seating available and you can sit and sip on a freshly made coffee whilst watching the people of London go by. On the day we visited I did feel that the outside seating area was a little messy, but this was due to fallen petals and leaves which can't overly be helped, but it would have been a good idea to sweep up before customers arrived. One thing I did have a little chuckle over was the almost red carpet style slice of astro turf that leads you to the entrance of the cafe, it's certainly a quirky feature but with 'Meadow' in the name it definitely makes sense and looks the part.

On arriving they asked for a booking reference and seeing as I had quoted our Wowcher reference when booking they were already prepared for us, which was a relief as I was unable to get hold of them via telephone or email. We were then given the option on where to sit and we chose the inside cafeteria area and sat along the back wall, so as to take in the whole vibe of the cafe (there was a blog post to write afterall!). We were served our prosecco, with a strawberry on the side of the glass and asked if we would like our croissant with butter and jam and this was swiftly taken care of. Our waiter was attentive and very polite and the staff busied themselves whilst we were there checking on customers and keeping the area clean. The croissant is the first course of the Urban Meadow brunch deal and is served with little pots of butter and the usual petite jars of Bonne Maman jam. As a general heads up, the croissants are a little flaky which is by no means a bad thing but expect a little mess whilst trying to eat one, or if you are like me then a lot of mess! I'm sure the waiter would have given our table a clean after we'd finished that course had I not felt so embarrassed by the sheer volume of crumbs on my side that I felt inclined to clear it up myself.

It was a little bit of time before our waiter approached us again to take the order for our next course, but we were busy deciding on what to have and enjoying the prosecco. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much from the prosecco or the menu for a cheap deal in London, however the drink was lovely and smooth and the menu was short but had a good selection of meals to choose from. I was stuck on what to choose as there was a the usual Eggs Royale, or pancakes with fresh fruit and even scrambled eggs with bacon or salmon. In the end I decided to go with avocado and poached eggs on seeded granary bread, as we all know avocado is having a bit of a moment and I LOVE the stuff! Our second courses came out in good time and though the portions appeared small, they were in fact the perfect amount to leave us feeling satisfied but not too full. This was key for us as we had a lot of walking around and networking to do in the latter part of our day and we didn't want to feel sluggish after a big meal. I really enjoyed my course, it was well presented with a small garnish a top and the eggs were runny just as I like them. The only thing I would say is that I feel the avocado could have been mashed and seasoned better as I prefer no to have sliced avocado - I feel it tastes different - but I know that some people would disagree. I've always found a small hint of lemon to be the perfect combination with avocado on toast and have often seen this in other brunch menus, but again this is only a cafe and we were eating a bargain meal considering it's London.

On finishing our meal, we simply chatted some more, finished off the bottle of prosecco and relaxed in our seats, before we really needed to get moving. The good thing about purchasing a Wowcher deal was that we didn't have to worry about paying the bill as it is already done and so you can chill out for a bit or leave straight after you are done. I usually find paying to be the longest part of eating out and it was a huge relief to not have to wait around for this. When we did decided to go, we quickly freshened up in the toilets, which are located in the Hilton Doubletree that the cafe is attached to. You simply turn a corner in the cafe and the entrance to the reception is in front of you and then you walk across to the toilets. Whilst they are a little out the way, they are beautifully presented with space to freshen up as well in the form of small dressing table areas. On our way out of the cafe we purchased a latte each, prepared in about 5 minutes and headed over to the venue for the expo.

Overall thoughts? I actually really enjoyed our time at the Urban Meadow Cafe and I feel that the deal we purchased was extraordinary value for money and would certainly recommend anyone purchase it should they find it on Wowcher. I don't think that the quality of the meal was anything special as such, but it certainly gave us the energy to get through our day, was well presented and tasted good. Service on a whole was pretty fantastic, we gelled well with our waiter and had a little laugh with him and we found the other staff pleasent, which certainly makes a place worth going back to. I also loved the interior and the style of the place, very much fitting in with the name as it was quite urban and city like even though it was tucked away behind Hyde Park. I would definitely consider revisiting the cafe, even without a voucher as overall I just enjoyed the atmosphere and lazy sunday experience partnered with good food and good company.