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Embrace Matcha.

24th April 2016

Embrace Matcha.

Images and words by me

Hello everyone, I've been a bit of a busy bee recently with numerous projects on the go as well as a trip abroad to Spain, so I apologise for the short break in posting. Today I've got a bit of a review post for you centering around one of my favourite beverages - tea!

As you can see on my sidebar, I am a bit of a tea lover and I really enjoy a nice hot cup of breakfast tea to get me up in the morning and give me an extra boost for the rest of the day. I do also enjoy the benefits of many herbal teas though, such as peppermint to ease digestion and Valerian to help me drift off in the evening and get a good night sleep. I've previously reviewed the Tea Time subscription service, which I highly recommend if you want to try new teas but don't know what to buy and don't really have the time to go out and purchase them. This time however, I was approached by a brand called Embrace Matcha* which offers a slightly different product in the form of Matcha tea, with it's own slice of history behind it.

What is Matcha tea?

Matcha tea is a powdered form of green tea and is commonly produced through carefully stone grinding the leaves from a green tea plant into a fine powder. The powder is then added to water, no strainer involved, to allow the drinker to get the full health benefits of the whole tea leaf. The production of Matcha tea goes far back in Chinese and Japanese history and is still used today in Japanese Tea Ceremonies and Zen Monasteries. The popularity of Matcha tea and products has soared in the past few years due to its antioxidant qualities, which can help in the fight against serious health issues including cancer and heart disease. Various sources claim that a cup of Matcha tea contains from 3-10 times more antioxidants and nutrients than a standard cup of green tea. Due to the powder quality of Matcha it can also be used in baking and cooking as well as added to other drinks such as a latte.

As someone who has been very self conscious about their health and well being as of late, I really liked the idea of trying this tea and replacing my usual cup of breakfast tea, one sugar and milk with something that had far better health benefits than a caffeine boost.

embrace matcha tea review diary of a brit girl

Embrace Matcha have been a fantastic company to work with and I have really enjoyed trying their tea. At the moment they offer 4 different flavours of Matcha each boasting a smooth cup of tea that not only helps to keep you calm and relaxed but also give you that much needed boost for the day ahead. For a more traditional green tea experience, they offer regular Green Matcha, which has the same taste and aroma of a normal cup of green tea but with more of the health benefits. For those that find green tea a little too strong in flavour, there is Yerba Mate which offers a less bitter and smoother cup of tea and Rooibos for the caffeine free tea drinker. Finally, they also offer a peppermint flavour of Matcha, which is one of my favourites and as with the usual peppermint tea, it's the perfect beverage to help digestion after a large meal.

I'll admit that I was slightly cynical at the thought of drinking powdered leaves, as I have never been one for enjoying a drink with small bits in it (Think fresh orange juice) but always happy to have my eyes opened to something new and I was pleasantly surprised. Embrace Matcha comes in individual sachets so that you have the perfect amount to mix with 250ml of hot water for a normal cup of tea or add to smoothie or even drink as a small shot. When mixed with hot water a lot of the powder dissolves, however there is some left over and I recommend giving the cup a good stir before drinking as once stirred in, you hardly notice the remaining powder.

I find each flavour is light and refreshing and is perfect for the health conscious tea drinker as a way to improve your diet and also get all of the benefits of green tea and more. There are also no messy tea bags and none of the leaf is wasted - preparation is quick and easy and the sachets are the perfect size to pop in your bag or store at work. Embrace Matcha offers 30 tea bags for £29 and I personally feel that considering you get to use the whole product, the correct amounts are already packaged for you and the process that goes into making this it, this is a fairly decent price to pay. Although it may not be within everyone's monthly budget I would suggest even looking into purchasing a box and having a cup on the odd occasion as a little health boost!

With that in mind, Embrace Matcha have kindly offered a discount code for my readers that will get you 1/3 off of your first order with them until the end of May 2016. That means that rather than the usual £29 price tag per box, you would be paying around £20 instead. What better reason is there to start your health journey today? In order to redeem this offer just enter the code TT1494EB8U2 at the check out.

For more information and to purchase your own box of Embrace Matcha tea, please visit their website - here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment on this post or email me and I'll happily get the answer for you.

*Items in the post were gifted to me by Embrace Matcha, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.