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Recent Lush Purchases March.

6th March 2016

Recent Lush Purchases March

Images and words by me

I've had such a glorious weekend of history, walking, shopping and spending time with my rather lovely male counterpart. It was our first weekend off together in such a long time and so we decided to make the most of it by having a day out somewhere interesting. We headed off to Stourhead just before lunch and spent 3 hours exploring the grounds including the house and learning about the history of the estate. Both my boyfriend and I are interested in history and National Trust Heritage sites across the UK, but never find the time to go out exploring together, so it was a welcome change of scenery to go for a long walk together and really immerse ourselves in a small slice of British history.

After our walk and a late but light lunch at the Spread Eagle Inn on the Stourhead grounds, we decided to go to Bath for some shopping. We arrived quite late, but it was enough time to have a little browse and I got to revisit my favourite Lush store to treat myself. I'm not sure of the name of the sales advisor that I spoke to, but he did a fantastic job of helping me to pick out some new Bath bombs that I would enjoy using (As seen in the pictures). I'm usually a sucker for Big Blue, as I like ocean scented sea salt products and I love the surprise of the seaweed pieces in the center. This time however, I decided to try something a little different and went for citrus scents like Blackberry which contains Bergamot oil and Dragon's Egg which has lemon and popping candy in it's ingredients. I also went for something a little different in the form of Golden Egg, which is toffee infused and covered in golden glitter. I was warned that it will leave my skin gold tinged but it should also help to soften it up, which should be perfect for my current winter skin.

I also decided to change up my toner and go for the Tea Tree Water as I have been suffering with breakouts recently, a side effect of stress as my sister tells me. I've always been a fan of Eau Roma Water and I definitely still highly recommend it as a great product for calming skin after an exfoliating session and brightening up your complexion, but I needed something that helped me to tackle my skin problems as well. The Juniper Berry in the ingredients acts as an antiseptic on the skin so should remove extra dirt and grime and keep my skin clean and clear. I used a little this morning and it was welcomingly refreshing, but I do suggest moisturising after as it can leave the skin a little dry. I'm looking forward to testing this in my daily routine and I will have an updated skin regime for you soon!