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LullaBellz Hair Extensions Review.

1st December 2015

LullaBellz Hair Extensions Review.

Images and words by me

There's a good chance that you've seen LullaBellz pop up all over your Facebook feed through sponsored posting and advertisements and wondered if their claims of cheap but high quality hair extensions are too good to be true? Well that was exactly my thoughts and I continued to browse their website as well as their Facebook page before finally deciding to take the leap and order a set of 240g Golden Blonde 8 piece set, coming in at £26.99. I'm no stranger to wearing clip in hair extensions, I used to wear them all the time when I was a teenager from the awkward Emo phase through to ordering a nice set for prom when my hair still hadn't grown past my shoulders. I haven't worn them in a number of years however and with my hair currently sitting at an annoying in-between length, I figured it couldn't hurt to get some extensions to wear on nights out and special occasions. I also want to move onto micro rings when my hair is the blonde I want it to be and this should ease me in to the idea of wearing them and give me an idea of what it would look like long.

So what do I think of LullaBellz offering on the hair extension market? In short, I feel like a princess! I'm used to wearing real human hair extensions and spending a little bit extra for the quality that you get with them and for a synthetic alternative, LullaBellz isn't far from that quality. Whilst they don't quite feel exactly like human hair they don't feel all that plastic either, in fact, you could probably fool someone into thinking otherwise! They don't have the usual doll hair shine associated with synthetic hair and each weft is thick and full to give you a real Rapunzel makeover. The 8 piece set consists of two 1 clip wefts, two 2 clip wefts, two 4 clip wefts and two 3 clip wefts. It is down to you how you decide to spread them out through your hair, but they are designed to allow your real hair to blend seamlessly with each weft and if you follow the instructions on fitting them then they should look natural!

The clips are generally quite comfortable as well, it does take some getting used to having something attached to your scalp for hours on end but it is bearable. I wore them on a night out recently and I didn't have much of a problem with them, just the odd tug due to the weight of the hair but it was nothing that I couldn't handle. I have fine hair but there is a lot of it and so I have to wear all eight wefts in order to match the weight of my own hair, however those of you with thinner hair can probably get away with leaving a couple out. The length of the extensions is incredible as well, at 24 inches they fall around my waist and I can't get over how beautiful they look! I've always wanted super long hair but time after time I end up getting it cut when I'm more than halfway there! It's really good to get a picture of what I would look like and it motivates me to grow my hair out again. I have to say though, that whilst they do look pretty there is a lot of effort that comes with long hair and when wearing them I find that I need to constantly brush them due to tangling. Unfortunately hair does tangle, but it feels like they tangle a little too easily which caused me some paranoia as to how they looked whilst I was out in public. It's also a bit inconvenient to be popping to the loos every now and again to brush them out!

Aside from that the only other small issue I have is that I can't style them like I could with my real extensions and LullaBellz website says otherwise! Or at least it leads you to believe otherwise...The site clearly states that you can use heat on your extensions up to 180C, but when I tried curling them they simply fell straight and limp again. For £26.99 I wasn't expecting any miracles, but if you are going to mention heat on your website it will give the idea that they are able to be styled and it was a bit disappointing when that was proved wrong. I suppose though, you could just buy a set of pre curled ones as well and you would still be saving money in comparison to real human hair extensions!

Overall, I am impressed with my LullaBellz extensions and I would recommend them to people who are looking for something to change up their look on a night out without breaking the bank. I would also recommend them based on their fantastic customer service team who helped me colour match my hair via Facebook messenger and are very attentive to their customers on their page! Not to mention their easy to follow how-to video and positive posting is a delight to see, it's that sort of service that gets a long term following. I would take note of the few points I did raise above, however I don't think a few little pet peeves outway what really is a a bit of a bargain product, I just have to be honest with you. I will still be wearing them and if you want to support a friendly company and look like a princess, then I guess LullaBellz is for you!