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Little Black Bra.

3rd November 2015

Little Black Bra.

Photographs by K Benson & words by me

Oh hey! Just some pics of me in my bra, feeling all self lovey and stuff, hope you don't mind! My boyfriend actually took these pictures for me and when I first put the idea towards him I expected an awkward reaction but he actually just said 'it's your body, do what you want'. Isn't he wonderful? I actually feel more comfortable with them for the fact that he took them, it was something a little different and it was fun as well and I feel like he's done a pretty damn good job! But I'm not here to talk about the pictures, I'm talking about the bra in this post - my most recent bargain buy!

I am a bit of a lingerie fanatic and my dream is to have my own line one day of fun, yet classy pieces for the everyday woman. I can spend hours drawing and researching and dreaming up beautiful ideas that will one day become real, but in the meantime I'm also building my collection. Now every girl knows that a well designed bra can really add to your confidence; it's exciting to wear something so beautiful that only you can see. I've seen delicate lacey black bras all over social media pages recently and especially so on Instgram where people lust over piece after piece, hoping to own them all! There are some fab companies on the market at the moment as well, who make Agent Provocateur worthy pieces available at more affordable prices, but what if these prices are still too much?

Well if you live in the UK you are in luck and no I'm not going to suggest Ebay! I actually found the gorgeous bra in Peacocks for just £5. Five pounds!!! It's extremely soft and delicate with no padding and a bit of underwiring for support. I am in love with the scalloped edge from the strap to the cup and then along the bottom of the bra itself. The piece is simple yet elegant and very comfortable to wear, but best of all it is purse friendly for any budget! I was in awe when I found it and a little shocked as I don't really shop in Peacocks (I was just in there for Halloween costume bits!), I was happy I decided to go in that day though. Now I have an incredible piece to add to my collection that allows me to feel confident and sexy and didn't break the bank!