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Finding Motivation & Organising Your Week.

27th October 2015

Finding Motivation & Organising Your Week.

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This post probably seems a little rich coming from someone who was supposed to be regularly posting and only managed one last week, but I like to put my personal life before my blog life and I am happy to announce that I became an aunt for the first time on Wednesday! Extremely exciting news that I can't wait to write about, but I'll tell you all the details in a post later on in the week. Today's post comes from recent thoughts on my ambition and my health and I started thinking about how I find motivation to do things when I'd rather just be cocooned in my duvet. It's amazing how many ideas can quickly be erased with 'Or I could just sleep?' and how often it actually wins the internal argument in my brain over what to do. Recently however I've actually been pretty pumped about a lot of things and my plate is very fast filling up with creative projects for myself and others. I've also found the desire to go back to the gym and focus on my health and fitness again and really try to love and care for my body more than I have done lately. It's exhilarating to be so inspired but it also comes with the concerns of fitting it all into my schedule along with work and my relationship. I've surprised myself with how well I am doing and I'd love to be even better with my time management but for now I thought I'd share some tips and ideas with you on how to organise your life. It will also come in handy for me for future reference!

1. Write it down!

I soooo wanted to put 'Write a list' on this tip, but I stopped myself because not everyone likes lists like I do. Bit of a tongue twister, sorry. What I'm getting at here though is the idea of reminding yourself of the things that you need to do, be it through a list, post it notes, notifications on your phone/laptop or even a notebook. If you've got a million different tasks to be getting on with in your week then it will be extremely easy to forget something as one by one each item is pushed to the back of your mind as a new one comes in. For instance, I use a notebook to write down my blog ideas. It's just a small pink notebook with Happy Thoughts printed on the front and I got it in TK Maxx for a fiver. An absolute bargain as well as a lifesaver, as I write all blog post ideas in it and then when I'm stuck I can refer to my notebook and get stuck into writing a new post. For more personal things like doctors apps or events, I add these to the calendar in my phone and then get a notification pop up a day before to remind me to make time for it. It's amazing the amount of things that we can forget to do and it's completely normal as well, so why not make reminders?

2. Don't have time? Make time.

It's worrying how often we say to ourselves 'I don't have time for that' and ultimately leave something potentially important to the last minute. I did it in school, college, uni and even now with writing posts for my blogs sometimes. Writing a post at 11am that's due to go live at 12pm is never a good idea and not making time for tasks means that they can end up rushed and lack quality or they are forgotten about. I've definitely fallen victim to my own pessimism numerous times and I'm almost certain that 99% of the time I am actually just using it as a way to demotivate myself and not do what I want to do. The other 1% I'm stressing about something I left until the last minute and am subsequently rushing it to get it done on time. It's a vicious circle that is very easy to fall into. But it's really not that hard to make the time in your week to do everything you want to do and I suggest allocating time to do them! If we can get into the routine of going to work 9-5 everyday then we can slot in the extras around everything else without losing any personal time as well. For example, I work 8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday and I make sure to wake up around 6:30am (7 if I'm pushing it) and this gives me enough time to shower and get ready as well as pick my friend up from the station and get to work 10-15 minutes early. After work I'm usually free by about 6pm and aim to go to bed by 10pm so that's a spare 4 hours that I have to do what I want. It doesn't sound like much does it? Well in actual fact it's enough time to spend an hour at the gym, an hour making and eating dinner and two hours spare to work on projects, read a book or lounge by the TV. On top of that I have the weekends free meaning that I can dedicate a day to scheduling blog posts and a day for seeing my family and friends. If I want to do anything else then it's simply a case of fitting it in and there is usually time to fit anything in!

3. Just do it.

This final tip applies to finding the inspiration to start something new, be that a project you've been sitting on or even getting into fitness, it can be very hard to take the first step. Personally, I find myself struggle to get excited about an idea and that can stop me from really jumping into something I know could be good for me. Fitness is probably one of my biggest struggles as I always manage to talk myself out of just going to the gym. I come up with excuse after excuse of why I shouldn't go (e.g it's cold outside, I have a tummy ache, I could always sleep...) and then I just find myself laying on the sofa at 9pm wishing I had. In order to get myself back into the mindset that the gym is not a torture chamber but a place for you to change your health for the better I had to do some research. I find that instagram can be a big help in finding inspiration as well as blogs as you can find people with similar interests and find comfort in knowing that they have achieved what you want to achieve. Never be jealous, be inspired. Pinterest is also a good site to use as you can create motivational boards to aspire to and also find ideas and images that you can relate to. And this goes for just about anything you want to motivate yourself for; it's incredible to think of the amount of resources we have at our fingertips.

My best advice after you have done all your research and internal pep talking and planning is to just go for it! Really. Tell that voice inside your head that today is not the day for excuses and that you have dreams, goals and aspirations and that they can be achieved! It's definitely hard to motivate yourself, but I think it's always a good idea to tell yourself that you are human and as humans we do struggle sometimes. I think it's also important to remember that spontaneity isn't always a bad thing either and sometimes good things happen unexpectedly. Whilst I think it's good to plan in tasks and to organise parts of your life, it's also good to leave some things up to chance. Not everything requires careful planning and you do need to give yourself time to relax and unwind without worrying. Just make sure to keep on top of the important things and everything else will work out! I believe in you!

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