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Becoming An Aunt.

29th October 2015

Becoming An Aunt.

Images & words by me

Today's post is just a quick one; a little update on life at the moment in between, well, life at the moment. I spoke before of becoming an aunt for the first time and as promised, here is my dedicated post to that event. Last week my brother and his girlfriend welcomed a baby girl weighing a tiny 6lb 4oz. They named her Summer and she is the most beautiful child that I have ever seen, although I may be a little biased. She was not what I expected and when I say that I mean that I assumed she would be all red and wrinkly and cry every 5 minutes as she became acquainted with the world and the sudden use of vocal chords. Instead she is all peachy cheeks and smooth skin and she likes to sleep. Alot. I have never seen a baby so content already with the world and she's happy just to snuggle her head into the crook of your arm and get some shut eye. Being a baby is hard you know!

What shocked me the more however was the intense love that I felt for her as soon as I held her in my arms. It sounds cheesey as hell, but unless you've experienced holding a tiny life in your arms, then I guess you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about. I've never really been a baby person before, I don't mind holding them, but I always felt awkward about holding someone else's child and being expected to coo over them. I mean, I'm glad that you had a kid and all, but I have no attachment to your child. Summer is not just a tiny life though, she is an extension of our family with the ability to light up the world of anyone that holds her. I've seen various members of the family holding her and smiling so genuinely as they gaze upon her precious little face with a sweet button nose and cherubic cheeks. And I find myself doing the very same thing and wanting to cuddle her as soon as I see her to keep her warm and safe. I can't wait for her to grow even more and start smiling and laughing and developing even more of a personality and I know that she is going to be a very happy child with the parents she has. My brother is the typical goofball dad and his girlfriend is the one that keeps them grounded. Both have a brilliant sense of humour and positive attitude which will aid Summer in becoming a wonderful little human being and she always has Nanny and her Aunties to help her along too!