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New Beginnings.

29th September 2015

New Beginnings.

diary of a brit girl Jessica

So the day has come for the relaunch of my site with a brand new look as well as another surprise - a name change!

Why a name change you ask? I was formally known as 'Diary of a Fashion Dropout' and I chose to use that title as I when I started the blog I was in a year out from university and I was determined that I was going to quit as I was no longer comfortable or happy on my course. My blog was a way for me to keep a creative toe in the fashion pool whilst I really thought about my options and the name seemed to jump out at me as a play on my situation. I did subsequently quit my course and that's how the name stuck, however times change and so do people and as of recently I had started to feel some bitterness towards the name! That wasn't who I identified as anymore and only marked a tiny scratch on my life story so far, I needed something that really advertised me as a person.

I had to have a long think about what I was going to do with the blog and what to change the name to. I wanted to keep with the idea of a diary, after all that is what my blog feels like to me, but also keep this idea that it is a diary that belongs to someone. Before I was the fashion dropout, but what am I now? Well I can't change my blog name every time something happens in my life and so I rounded it all up and decided that at the end of the day I'm just an ordinary girl from the UK and thus Brit Girl was born!

If this blog is going document my life then I want to have a name that is memorable as well as positive and I hope that you can all agree that this is a step forward in the right direction for me and my blog. I'm also hoping that you all like the new layout, as I have spent many weeks frantically googling coding and performing various tweaks and changes to get it to this stage and I am finally satisfied (though don't hold your breaths, it could be tweaked a little more!). The banner is also by me, I have a background in art and I really wanted to create something that gave the blog a personal feel that allowed it to stand out against others. If you want to collaborate in any way on a graphics/art piece then be sure to contact me, I'm always looking for another project!

The final update to share with you is that this blog is going from sporadic posting to regular and new posts will come out every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I have a lot of things lined up that still haven't made it to this blog and so be sure to check back on those dates for new posts! I will slowly be changing over my social media names as well so that they are all in line with the blog and it is easy for you to find me on all channels.

If you like the layout then do let me know in the comments below, on facebook or on Twitter as I could do with some feedback! And keep your eyes peeled as to mark this new chapter in my blogging life I will be hosting my first giveaway, all from my own pocket, as a thank you to the people that have been there from the beginning! And just as a hint, it's a well known beauty brand beginning with 'M'.

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