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Clinique Contour & Highlight Chubby Sticks.

17th September 2015

Clinique Contour & Highlight Chubby Sticks.

clinique contour and highlight chubby sticks

Photographs and words by me

One of the pros of going on holiday is the chance to browse the duty free lounges and save a bit of money on your favourite high end cosmetics! On our way home from Turkey in June I stopped off at the Clinique counter to pick up a jar of my favourite moisturiser (moisture surge) and came across the contour and highlight sticks that I had read about on a couple of blogs before I went away. I had previously been using the Seventeen contouring powder (you can see me post here) and wanted to try a cream contouring kit to compare blending techniques as I find the powder doesn't always blend the way I want it to. Obviously I made the purchase and was super excited to try out my new chubby sticks the next day! I waited until now to write a post as I want to start getting to know my products before reviewing them for you and a simple swatch doesn't really suffice in terms of honest content, so here I am almost 3 months later to let you know my thoughts!

First Impressions

clinique contour and highlight chubby sticks

First off the packaging as always is simplistic and beautiful; Clinique just seem to know how to make their products social media ready! They are easy to tell apart with clear text labelling each one and definitely big enough to spot in your makeup bag! The formula of both is quite creamy and I found them to be the perfect shape for applying lines onto your face. In terms of colour - I find the contour stick comes out quite dark when first applied, but this helps you to plot which areas of your face you want to shade in and luckily it's quite versatile when it comes to blending. You can choose to have it darker or continue to blend into your foundation for a more subtle look. This certainly looks better if you are on the paler end of the spectrum like me! The highlighter is more subtle in terms of colour but once again, the formula allows for easy blending to add some shine to your cheekbones and T-zone.

clinique contour and highlight unblended


clinique contour and highlight blended



My thoughts on the product as a whole pretty much remain in line with when I first started using it, although I have found some drawbacks. The first would be the time it takes to apply in comparison to using powder - although you may get a more accurate and defined contour, it takes longer to apply the sticks and blend than it does to brush the powder over your face. This can really hinder the time it takes to get ready in the morning when, like myself, you have to get up at 6:30am. I'm usually half asleep still and so it's easier for me to just brush a little powder in the hollows of my cheeks then expertly apply cream contouring! The other problem I have found is that the highlighter ends up leaving my T-zone oily by the end of the day, which is not good for my skin and considering the product is already shiny, you can imagine the state of my face! Thankfully, I carry powder in my bag in order to top up in case of little makeup emergencies like this, but I do wish that the products were just a touch more matte to combat this.

Those small issues aside, I am enjoying using the chubby sticks still and I would certainly recommend them to any avid contour fan, more so for their blendability than anything else. However, I would advise on allocating them specifically to weekends or nights out when you have a little more time to get ready!