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Some Thoughts On Turning 23.

25th August 2015

Some Thoughts On Turning 23.

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Photos and words by me

A couple of months ago I turned 23 and as with every year that passes, it was a day that allowed me to reflect on where I am and how far I have come. Birthdays are always a little scary especially when it dawns on you that you are only getting older, but I have found that each year I have been able to do more things and certainly achieve more as well. Age is but a number after all. It was at the end of my amazing week in June in which I attended two holidays, made lots of friends and had the time of my life! It was an eye opener and a real turning point in my life in which I questioned - what is next for me? So as I dug into my special birthday pancakes (mum makes them every year) in the morning and right through to sipping glasses of prosecco and raspberries in the afternoon sun, I started making plans. I decided that it was time to reach out and do the things I wanted to do and stop being scared of life. I mean, I spent a weekend with a bunch of girls I had never met before! That's brave, right? And it's that sort of whimsical attitude that I need to incorporate into my future if I want to succeed. From there I had three goals that I wanted to start putting into motion that would really help me transition into a better version of myself -

1. Get a new job. (ACHIEVED)

Well this becomes a little redundant now as a future goal because guess what? I only went and got myself a new job!!! Congrats to me and all. I've moved on out of the financial sector and gone back to what I loved - sewing - and now that I'm back in, I'm just beaming with happiness and finally job satisfaction. It's not where I see myself in 5 years as such but it's a solid experience in the fashion industry that should help me progress. Since starting I have found my love for creating flourish again and I've been drawing/designing/plotting all over again and it's a fantastic feeling! I am a strong advocate of doing what you love and never letting go of it and even more so now that I have taken the leap. I can't tell you how great it is to wake up on a Monday morning and be happy to go to work and with one goal achieved I feel more motivated that I can do the others!

2. Move out.

I've moved out before when I went to university and it was exhilarating to be my own person and fend for myself in the big bad world! I don't want multiple housemates this time though, I just want a place to call my own (preferably with the freckly one if he wishes) where I can relax and chill out and decorate with various pieces from Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Ikea! I may be thinking more about interior design than actually living there, but that is an exciting prospect all in itself! I don't need to go straight away but the longer I stay at home the more I feel that I need my own space and it's only natural to fly the nest and settle down in your own one. My mum will be devastated but she has a grandchild on the way, so I feel I won't be missed for long!

3. Travel.

I mentioned this in my resolutions post and I have been lucky to visit both Ireland and Turkey this year so far, with the possibility of more places in the coming months. I was desperate to travel when I left university, but I feel that it may not be in the form of 6 months away in Asia partying till 5am and blowing money on shots. I want to get a feel for other cultures and explore cities and ruins and see the sights! I didn't quite realise the extent of the wanderlust I would feel for travelling until I went to Turkey with my boyfriend and looked across Marmaris from up in the mountains. It was a moment of clarity and beauty and I want to feel that again looking across multiple destinations. I am certain this can be done via small holidays as I won't have to worry about money and I can still see the world it will just take me longer to do it!

I've got some pretty common goals there, but it's what you make of them that really spices them up I suppose and I see getting older as one big journey anyway, one in which I want to make the most of. It's pleasant to no longer worry about the insignificant problems I faced as a teenager and to realise my priorities and really find myself along the way. It is a long way to go before I can be completely content and I'll definitely make many more mistakes but I'm only 23 after all and from what I can see, the older you get the more you live!