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My experience at the Lush store Canterbury.

8th May 2015

My experience at the Lush store Canterbury.

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Words & photographs by me

It's not often that you go into a store just to view some bath bombs and then get showered with exceptionally friendly customer service. I don't mean the sales advisors that pretend to stock shelves whilst eagerly eyeing the door for their next customer to pounce on and check if you 'need any help?' even though you only just walked in. No, I'm talking customer service that can only transpire from someone who is really passionate about the products that they are promoting and want to show them off because they love them, not because they want a sale (though i'm sure they think about that too). That's the vibe that I got from the staff in the Lush Canterbury store and in particular a brilliant and chatty lady called Sarah who my sister and I want to adopt as our best friend. We were welcomed by everyone and told to just ask if we needed anything, a casual and laid back approach that you can only expect from such a store and then we were left to browse. It was at the fragrances that we met Sarah who asked if we had ever smelt them before and then let us spritz away on paper strips and told us about the ones that she personally liked. She picked up 'Sun' and told us that it reminded her of summer, barbeques and cigarettes, a refreshingly honest reminder of how fragrance can affect memory and become something personal for the wearer. One sniff and I could understand why she felt this way as I was transported back to the summer holidays between college and university and the mix of friends that I gained and lost over those years. Lush fragrances are definitely not your average scents and for me personally, I felt like they were more of a scent for your home, but I liked the enthusiasm that the staff had about the products.

We then moved on to looking at face masks and we started chatting to Sarah again, who had just been speaking to another customer. My sister mentioned her worries about her skin and was advised on a couple of products that should help and then we were offered a chance to try them out. We had numerous face masks, washes, cleansers, toners and moisturisers put on our hands so that we could feel the product first so as not to purchase something that we wouldn't like. What I liked most about this encounter was the honesty about the ingredients that went into each and every one of them. There was no suspicious sounding terminology and numbers, just fresh environmentally friendly ingredients to help your skin as naturally as possible. Lush are also openly avid activists of animal rights and do not test any of their products on animals. We also got to have a good chat with Sarah about her time working for Lush and she asked us about our lives and our day in Canterbury, it was nice to know the person and not just the sales advisor.

After we she had successfully made our hands feel like the softest they had been since being born, she left us to continue to browse and even offered to do a couple of sample pots of anything we weren't sure on. I had wanted to try Lush skincare for some time and so I decided to bite the bullet and invest, especially after getting to try the products beforehand and so I bought a couple of items. As you can see from the pictures I decided on Mask of Magnaminty face mask, Eau Roma Water toner, Let the Good Times Roll cleanser and a small sample of Imperialis moisturiser. I will be writing reviews on the items when I have used them for a little while, so that I can be completely honest in my experience, but so far I can only say that I am impressed. As I said before, Lush only use natural ingredients and you can definitely feel that in the way it leaves your skin feeling completely moisturised and unclogged. I mostly wanted to write this post to highlight the impressive service that we received within the store and to thank the Lush staff in Canterbury, especially Sarah, for making us smile and treating us like individuals rather than just money bags.

It is easy to see why the brand have such a massive following as not only do they sell honest and high quality products, but the love and thought that goes into creating each one is translated through their staff who clearly love it just as much as the rest of us. If you have a chance to pop in and speak to them, you will be greeted with big smiles and friendly chit chat, something that is highly lacking in some stores. It doesn't matter who you are or how you dress, these are people that want to get to know their customer and tell you about why they love what they sell and why you should love it too!

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