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January beauty favourites & tackling Winter skin.

I've never done a favourites post for you guys, so this is pretty exciting for me. I decided I wanted to post this as I have seen others do the same and what better way to pass on some good skin/beauty advice to people with the same skin type as you then through your blog? If you want to know, my skin falls under dry to combination and seeing as it's Winter and the winds are really harsh and cold it's veering more towards dry than anything else. The winter can be an absolutely awful time for your skin and just because you can't see the sun or maybe you don't venture outside as much does not mean you should stop taking care of it!

So let's talk dryness shall we? If you are just about anybody then you've probably noticed that your skin is drying out and that is a common issue in the Winter time, you aren't safe from the cold and don't naively think that you are safe from the Sun either. You are still very much exposed to UV rays within the wintertime and if you spend a lot of time outside then it is imperative that you treat your skin like you would the rest of the year. You don't necessarily need to slather on sun cream but you should certainly opt for at least an SPF15 BB cream (I have a great Soap & Glory one but I forgot to photograph it!) to protect yourself from sunlight. You also need to keep your skin well moisturised as you may have noticed that your skin has become slightly flaky around your cheeks, chin and nose and whilst moisturiser is a good antidote for this, a good skin regime will certainly tackle it better.

A mistake I used to always make was to use a light face wash or cleansing wipes and then moisturise in the morning and evening - thinking this was enough! Oh, how I was wrong, as I also thought I had oily skin thanks to the blemishes that seemed to be constantly appearing. After a trip to a Spa and a chat with a beautician there I was advised that I actually had very dry skin and where I was building up moisturiser on the surface of my skin, it wasn't able to do it's job as it was sitting on top of dead skin. This was causing my body to send natural oils to the skins surface in an attempt to re-hydrate it and causing blemishes to appear. Thankfully all I needed do to tackle the situation was to start using an exfoliator to remove the dead skin before starting the rest of my beauty regime. I now use this fantastic exfoliator by Neutrogena as it not only hydrates the skin it also stops breakouts and though I do get the odd blemish it is doing a pretty fantastic job! My next step is to use The Softening Cleansing Lotion followed by the Softening Toner by Garnier - both of which provide moisture to the skin and leave it feeling beautifully soft. I tend to only moisturise in the evening as I don't want to over do it on the products. I am in love with these Garnier lotions however as they aren't perfumey, are a light consistency and don't leave residue on the skin that takes an awful long time to dry! My skin feels so much better and refreshed for it and whilst my skin problems were year round, I would certainly recommend a similar routine for Winter skin.

My next three products I only came across over Christmas, we will start with the 'Puffy Eye Attack' by Soap & Glory. I have a pretty bad issue with puffy eyes recently and I am pretty sure it has something to do with lack of daylight hours and illness thanks to the less than preferable temperature outside at the moment. My eyes also seem to be dry and they are really suffering and I'm sure that in turn my sleep is too! So thank god for the Puffy Eye Attack and it's cleansing goodness! I may not have had this product long, but I already love it as it does the exact job that I want it to. Puffiness and dark circles are visibly reduced and my eyes feel more hydrated and awake. I'll have to wait a bit longer to see the longtime effects, but I've a good feeling about this product. Moving on to actual body products and another Soap & Glory contribution to this post, I present you with Orangasm! There isn't much to say apart from that it smells wonderfully citrusy and applies smoothly leaving your skin feeling soft and supple and you smelling good enough to eat! It's true! Plus it comes in a massive bottle that will last a long time. Next is this Argan oil body butter by The Body Shop - another softening and smoothing miracle to keep your skin in good condition throughout Winter. I especially like applying it my legs after a bath or shower as shaving can certainly contribute to irritated skin and this body butter will soothe those symptoms and leave your legs feeling gorgeous.

Finally I bring you onto a couple of beauty products that I am really rating at the moment - starting with this bright red lipstick by Kat Von D in Batchelorette. I just cannot stop wearing it at the moment, I even went out and bought a Barry M lip liner so that I could create one serious pout to show it off! I recieved this for Christmas as well from a friend of mine, I had never really heard of Kat Von D's makeup line until then and the lipstick is brilliant quality. It is super pigmented and creamy and applies like an absolute dream - i'm thinking I need more colours! Next is everyone's current favourite cosmetic brand, Makeup Revolution, I finally got my hands on one of their Iconic palettes! I decided to invest in Iconic 3 as it had pretty romantic shades of pink and gold in it and I thought that would work well with my eye colour. I am just as impressed with everyone else at the quality of MR's products and for just £4 this palette is an absolute steal!

So that is my favourites for the month of January, I hope you liked them all. What are your current favourite beauty products?