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Winter Wonderland London 2014.

First of all I would just like to say a massive thankyou to everyone that has been reading my blog! I seem to be amassing a large number of pageviews recently and it's heartwarming to know that so many people are interested in reading my ramblings and appreciating the effort and hours I put into these posts. So truly, thank you!

Now down to today's post which is a bit of a diary entry and somewhat a review of my recent visit to Winter Wonderland in London. For those of you who do not live in the UK, WW is a collection of stalls, fairground rides, shows and beer that come together in Hyde Park for some old fashioned German christmas spirit! I had never been before last weekend and I was extremely excited to finally see what all the hype was about. First thing you notice when you get there is the atmosphere - it's warm and cosy and quite obviously christmassy. There are decorations and fairy lights strung about everyone and big colourful rides covering the view of offices and high rises in central london. The aroma of bratwursts, coffee and sweet treats wafts through the air and there's a lively hustle and bustle of tourists and shoppers checking out what each stall is offering.

Don't get me wrong, at times the amount of people could be quite annoying and especially so when they decide to stop right in front of you. Just no. However, that is just a small chip off the overall experience of being there. The only other thing that I might comment on is the price of the attractions; whilst the shows are fairly priced - we went to Zippo's Circus for £12 each - the fairground rides seemed to be charging a ludicrous amount for one go. They deal in tokens which can be purchased from the various stalls spread out across the site and one token equals one pound, which just makes me question why they don't just ask for money instead? Most of the rides were 5 tokens but some were a lot more - for instance my boyfriend wanted to go on one that had a carriage either side and spun round. It was huge, but it was also 9 tokens to go on it. Thats £9! For one ride! He promptly decided that his money was better spent elsewhere.

Going back to the circus, it was well worth the money. There was a lot of quality acts fitted into just under an hour including tight rope walking, silks and a rather humourous clown (and I don't like clowns). There was one moment where I nearly passed out as one tight rope walker wobbled whilst up in the air, but he quickly gained his balance, unlike my beating heart. Overall though I would certainly recommend booking into the circus if you can, but there are plenty more attractions to see such as the ice kingdom and the ice rink which both have rave reviews!

As for the rest of the stalls which offered a hefty selection of food, drink and wares, I was very impressed. I am pescetarian and it was nice to see a good selection of vegetarian food on offer as well as small selection of fish. I had a brilliant bean burger from a burger van but I can't remember what the company was called, but it was delicious! If you are a bit of a carnivore however there is plenty for you to choose from - bratwursts, currywursts, Fried bacon and potatoes, burgers and so on. And to wash it all down with there was coffee, tea, soft drinks, spirits and obviously some wonderful German beer - all available in the Bavarian village or the main tent where they had live music acts on all day and at night it turns into a bit of a party. There was also a large selection of gifts available to purchase from various sellers ranging from marzipan chocolates to sterling silver jewellery, you are bound to find something amongst it all to get you started with your christmas shopping.

As we travelled to London via National Express we walked to Hyde Park and back from Victoria coach station and got to walk past a lot of lovely houses and boutiques. I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures, though I wish I had taken more. We ended our day at Frankie & Benny's in Victoria station and had a little browse in Hema and Joy. OVerall, it was a brilliant day out and I would have to give Winter Wonderland an 8/10 - if it hadn't been for the overpriced rides then it could have scored a solid 10.

If you interested in going or want to read more about Winter Wonderland you can visit their site - here.