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Sunday Sunshine.

Just a quick post of my outfit from yesterday! I went shopping with my mum in Newbury, we went to the local 'Outfit' store there which is owned by Arcadia and basically has a selection of each of their brands. I ended up purchasing my outfit for my work christmas party after seeing a matching top and skirt on a mannequin. I really liked it and so tried it on and it looked great, props to Miss Selfridge for their excellent visual merchandising! Anyway, I did manage to get a good bit of christmas shopping out of the way as well and so I am now well on my way to getting it finished. Thank. God. I'm not the biggest fan of christmas shopping as there is always so many things I want for myself but I have to hold back. I'm sure everyone struggles with the whole 'one for them, one for me' situation and like I said in previous posts - it never hurts to treat yourself a little!

Have you got any of your Christmas shopping done? Why not comment below!