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Remembering McQueen.

Hello everyone!

So today's post will be more high fashion focused and it feels good to be discussing with you a bit of a love of mine,as I tend to talk more about high street and lifestyle on here at the moment. If you know me personally or have been reading my blog since the start, then you would be aware that I was studying design but I left my course. That doesn't mean that I have lost appreciation for those in the industry however and there are a lot of designers that I admire and take inspiration from myself. So with that in mind I am writing today about the late and great Alexander McQueen, who I'm 100% sure you have probably all heard of.

McQueen is an integral part of the British fashion history and whilst many know that name and can link it to high fashion clothing, they don't know much about his own personal timeline within the industry. He was very much a dark horse of the fashion world and he took his inspirations not from the simplistic or the mundane but from the harsher truths of our society and our history. With his darkly humorous and yet innovative imagination he has garnered a massive following of devoted fans and admirers from around the world. Sarah Burton has now stepped into the shoes of the late designer's famous fashion house, but it is important that we do not forget it's roots or the shows that started it all.

In 14th March to 19th July next year, the V&A museum in London will be hosting an exhibition named 'Savage Beauty' looking at the life and work of Alexander McQueen. I am certainly going to be paying a visit to good ole' London and if you're a bit of a fashion history enthusiast then you should too! With that in mind, a luxury fashion website, have created an absolutely beautiful infographic for people to view which documents some of McQueen's most notorious fashion shows and they have asked if I would be kind enough to share it with you. It should help you prep for the exhibition or even just further your knowledge and don't forget to admire the stunning illustrations that really bring this timeline to life!

Unfortunately I can't get the image any bigger and so I have included the text for you below -

Autumn/Winter 1995 -Highland Rape

Alexander McQueen proved spectacular runway shows would become his trademark with his Autumn/Winter 1995 show, Highland Rape. The controversial collection is considered his breakthrough; McQueen pushed the boundaries with a visual representation of England devouring Scotland's resources.

Spring/Summer 1998 - Untitled [Golden Shower]

McQueen scrapped the name of his Spring/Summer 1998 show 'Golden Shower' after his sponsor raised objections. Staged at a bus depot in Victoria, rain poured through the ceiling onto the catwalk. The ribcage corset - cast from a human skeleton - remains one of his most memorable pieces.

Spring/Summer 1999 - No 13

McQueen emphasised fashion as an art form during his Spring/Summer 1999 show, No 13. The show reached it's climax when supermodel Shalom Harlow stood on a revolving platform and was spray painted live on the runway by two mechanical robots.

Spring/Summer 2001 - Voss

McQueen's VOSS asylum show is one of the most famous catwalks in history; McQueen deliberately started an hour late so the audience would be forced to stare at their own reflections in the giant mirrored cube that served as the show's focal point.

Spring/Summer 2005 - It's Only A Game

For his 2005 Spring/Summer collection, McQueen transformed the runway into a game of chess. 36 models walked the runway and took their places on McQueen's futuristic chessboard, each representing a piece to bring the game to life.

Autumn/Winter 2006 - Widows of Culloden

Inspired by his family's Scottish heritage, McQueen's Autumn/Winter show in 2006 heavily featured tartan and bagpipe music. It will perhaps be best remembered, though, because of the haunting hologram video starring Kate Moss that closed the show.

Spring/Summer 2008 - La Dame Bleue

McQueen paid tribute to his friend Isabella Blow, who died the year before, in his La Dame Bleue show. The collection was inspired by her personal wardrobe, and on the catwalk models walked through a huge set of metal angel's wings.

Autumn/Winter 2009 - The Horn of Plenty

The Horn of Plenty proved to be one of McQueen's most ambitious - and extravagant - projects. The runway was a scrapyard of props from past McQueen shows and models wore bold statement pieces with clown-like makeup as they walked the catwalk.

Spring/Summer 2010 - Plato's Atlantis

McQueen's Spring/Summer 2010 show Plato's Atlantis depicted an apocalyptic world after an ecological meltdown. Robotic arms flew up and down the runway whilst recording a live stream, and models walked in 'Armadillo' shoes to Lady Gaga's single, Bad Romance.

Autumn/Winter 2010 - Untitled

At the time of his suicide, McQueen was putting the finishing touches to his Autumn/Winter collection. Presented privately in Paris to the same soundtrack McQueen listened to while he worked on his elaborate creations, the show notes read: "Each piece is unique, as he was"

All credits for this image go to and you can visit their site for the latest Alexander McQueen fashions (and a huge range of other designer names!) - here.

Who are your favourite designers? Why not comment below, I read all comments and I am more than happy to discuss!