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Christmas plaid.

I decided to do today's outfit of the day in the living room as it's feeling pretty festive in there at the moment, though you may note that the tree is currently bare. We put it up and all the needles are falling off, which might have something to do with it being 10 years old. Needless (no pun intended) to say we are going to have to buy another tree! That has not stopped my lovely mother going crazy with the decorations however and we are starting to feel the festive spirit within the house. Today's outfit combines a plaid shirt that I bought from F&F which is in Tesco, M&S Jeans, Topshop boots and a Primark cardigan. The only thing that is still available to purchase are the jeans and you can find the link for them in another of my posts - here. Unfortunately, I could only take pictures in the evening as I was at work all day and curling my mum's hair when I got home, so the quality is a touch grainy but I think you get the gist!

Have you got your christmas tree up yet? Why not comment below!