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The stocking filler guide.

I had so much fun creating a christmas wish list for myself that I have put together a handy stocking filler guide for all of you, that will hopefully give you some xmas inspiration! I always find it a bit more difficult to buy smaller presents for people, whether it be a simple secret santa gift or a little something extra to go with their main gift and I think I can blame that on my usual laziness when it comes to buying everything. This year however, i've decided to be super pro-active and get it all out of the way as soon as possible. I've gained so many ideas whilst making this and I tried to think of all tastes and different budgets, so hopefully there will be something here that applies to everyone.

Beauty products are always a staple element of any christmas stocking and you can add anything from cute little sparkly nail polishes to luxurious bath & shower products. If your girl likes to pamper herself then a stocking filled with a selection of little bits and pieces to help her get ready for a night out or unwind after a long week will be the perfect thing for her to open on the 25th December! A useful tip is to gain some knowledge of her favourite colours and maybe things she's running out of that can be replaced with a well thought of gift. Remember that some products may not be suitable for all skin types so it's helpful to get items that aren't irritable or too perfumey and maybe read some reviews online justs to be sure! I'm sure you've endured hints and nudges from the girls in your life about what they want for christmas and it's difficult to whittle it down to a few choice things or even find a suitable substitute for something a little more expensive, remember though that deals go on and off throughout December so look out for those price drops!

1. Naked 2 by Urban Decay £37.00 - Personally, I like the Naked 2 collection of eyeshadows the most out of the 3 sets available. It's the perfect mix of darling pinks and edgy dark hues, which is brilliant if you want a palette that you'll be able to use for day and night looks. UD shadows are ultra pigmented so you get vivid long-stay colours that blend beautifully and easily on the eyelid and are a perfect partner for any outfit.

2. Hand Food by Soap & Glory £5.50 - I seem to get a Soap & Glory gift set every christmas and I am definitely not complaining! They are a must-have brand with some wonderfully skin softening products that will have you sat stroking yourself all day. No really, they are that good! Not to mention they are available at a pretty bargain price range for products of this quality. I love this hand cream - it's easy to apply and dries fast with no overpowering aroma, leaving your hands always feeling sensuously soft!

3. 'You Look Lovely Today' Canvas Pouch by Alphabet Bags £18.00 - Every girl needs a neat little make up bag to store all their beauty favourites in and who doesn't want to be greeted by a sweet compliment every morning. I know I do and i'm sure your friend/sister/girlfriend/mother will too! The website states that it can be used as a clutch bag as well, which will add some novelty flare to any wardrobe.

4. Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes £20.25 - No smokey party eyes or pastel naturals are complete without a generous lashing of a great mascara and this one should compliment any beauty look. I've seen countless good reviews on the internet for it, giving the wearer quite literally - doll eyes! Lashes are elongated and thickened and it is available in black and brown.

5. Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb by Lush £3.35 each - No stocking filler guide is complete without a Lush bath bomb and any girl is bound to feel christmasy with the purple, shimmery, cinammony delight of Phoenix Rising. The bath water turns purple and the scent leaves you relaxed and a little sleepy - perfect for de-stressing and unwinding at the end of the hectic christmas run. I'm new to Lush products but they are a must-have for every bathroom, a little something special for that ever essential you time.

6. Lipcote Lipstick Sealer £3.79 - I'm sure you've seen this crop up on many a beauty based blog and that's probably because it is just as good as everyone says it is! I've been using lipcote for quite a long time now, my first experience was my best friend and I getting her mum to apply it ready for our first disco that wasn't run by the school. A long, long time! It was great then and it's even better now. Your lipstick stays on without any colourful transfers onto your coffee cup or your partner's cheek and at the purse friendly price of £3.79, no stocking would be complete without it!

7. The Porefessional by Benefit £24.50 - If you can get it in travel size all the better because it is a little bit on the pricey side but The Porefessional does exactly as it says on the tin. Pores are visually minimized and skin looks soft and supple. Just a touch of the cream added to your cheeks smooths your complexion and sits well under make up. I have a cute little miniature version of this and I swear by it!

8. Essie Winter Baby Its Cold Outside Quad Box £24.99 - A firm favourite in the beauty world, Essie make beautiful long lasting nail polishes in an array of colours. I really love this little christmas collection and it's mostly because Essie have veered away from the traditional christmassy colours and provided a selection that will make your nails look stylish right through to partying on NYE night welcoming in the new year!

9. Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask 100ml £6.99 - I love a good face mask, they are good for cleansing your skin and are a great addition to a good ole' pampering session. Though clay masks can feel a little heavy, they leave your skin feeling refreshed and unclogged and nothings better than a reusable bottle of it!

10. Batiste Floral Essence 200ml £1.47 - What's to say about Batiste dry shampoo apart from that no other dry shampoo compares!

11. MAC Keepsakes/mineralize brush kit £42.00 - So this one might be a little expensive for a stocking filler, but a girl can dream, right? You need to have a good set of brushes in order to enhance your daily beauty routine and this set by MAC comes with not only 4 brushes but also a bag to keep them in. The set is available in silver, black and white and I am totally crushing on it and maybe even hoping i'll find it in my stocking. Ahem. Nudge. Nudge.

Who doesn't love some good old fashioned accessories? Whether you are recieving your annual hat and gloves or a cute little purse to store your christmas money in, accessories are thoughtful little gifts that show someone really cares. Most things should keep you within your budget but obviously if you've got that extra special person to impress, then a trip to Tiffany's won't hurt. Hint hint. Just kidding, but jokes aside, accessories can be another stocking filler that can allow you to help a person stock up on things that they really need or are always running out of. Take hair ties for instance - a girls best friend and her worst enemy. We love putting our hair up but no matter how many multipacks and array of coloured hair ties we buy, they always mysteriously disappear. A thoughtful little pack of hair ties is actually more meaningful than you would think and I certainly can't complain when I get little bits and pieces that are going to keep me stocked up for awhile! My mother does the obligatory hair brush - hair ties -extra make up - thing every christmas and it always makes me smile. No matter what you get it's important to remember that a gift is just a sign that you care and no matter the price tag, they will love you for it!

1. Chunky Knit Hat £7.99 - I love bobble hats! They are just so adorable and they come in so many colours. This one from H&M will be perfect paired with any winter coat and will keep those ears extra toasty!

2. Armani Exchange AX4259 Black Womens Strap Watch £125.00 - Watches are lovely gifts not only because they help you tell the time, but they are perfect for all ages and you can buy them in so many styles that it will be extra special finding one that suits the person you are buying it for! This watch by Armani Exchange is subtle and chic and will look dainty and delicate on the arm of any wearer.

3. Megan Oversized Earrings by Boohoo £4.00 - Earrings can compliment everyone and these triangular beauties from Boohoo are a mix of streetwear and smart and I love them! Seriously, I may have to invest! Evidence as well that not every gift has to be purse busting either as they come in at a cool £4.00. If she doesn't like oversized why not opt for some simple crystals or dainty hoops?

4. Nevaeh Velvet Bow Headband £6.00 - I feel like I need one of these headbands in my life! I'm not really one for the whole velvet scrunchie trend but one massive velvet headband I can deal with! Wear it with casual or party outfits and you are sure to get noticed and for just £6 and available in three colours, you're sure to find one to go in her stocking.

5. American Hair Ties by Kitsch £7.67 - What did I say before? Hair ties are a girls best friend! These cutesy hair ties by Kitsch can be bought in a vast range of colours and patterns so you'll need to pick the one that suits her best.

6. River Island Faux Fur Collar @ Very £25.00 - It's getting super cold outside and what's cosier than a warming fur collar? This patchwork one by River Island will keep your neck warm and can be added to any coat to add some new life into it, not to mention it will be a stunning match with your NYE outfit!

7. Sterling Silver Turq Filigree Band Ring by Accessorize £14.00 - I'm sure every girl out there has one impressive ring collection, but a couple more won't hurt and if you're looking for a couple of extras to fit in that stocking then a stylish ring from Accessorize will do the trick!

8. Sterling Silver Opal Stacking Rings by Accessorize £15.00 - Stackable rings recently came into fashion and I don't think they will be leaving anytime soon!

9. Mouse Mittens from H&M £7.99 - Are these adorable or what!? Your hands are safe from the cold and you have cute little mouse faces to look at whenever you go to pick things up!

10. Millie Leather Pouch by Accessorize £15.00 - Much like the make up bag above a purse is the ultimate fashion accessory and this one will look gorgeous as a purse or even a clutch for those wild party nights. Why not go one step further and fill the purse with smaller items?

The final selection of stocking gifts didn't really come under a specific name so I decided to go with 'This and That' as these gifts are the odd bits and bobs that you didn't realise you wanted until you get them. Stationary is a classic xmas gift, everyone needs a good bit of stationary and some websites/shops personalise items with a name of your choice, making it extra special. Other items include mouthwatering chocolates, lacy delicates and a captivating bit of literature. There's a vast array of things that you could buy your loved ones to go in their stocking, it's simply a case of searching for the right things and you can pick them up pretty much anywhere. I've detailed a selection of items below to get you inspired but it's one of those things that you'll know is right when you see it!

1. Triangle Cup Bra by Topshop £20.00 - Oh lacy lingerie you cheeky little thing... I don't care who you are, i'll bet my left foot that you love a good piece of lingerie and oh how I love to recieve it! This triangle cup bra from Topshop is so delicate and sexy and you can deny those two adjectives? The cheekiest little stocking offering you could possible buy.

2. Mini Lace Knickers by Topshop £10.00 - Obviously you need a matching set!

3. Leather Heart Keyring by Aspinal of London £30.00 - A less conventional stocking present but a flashy keyring is sure to help keep those pesky keys in sight! This one by Aspinal of London is stylish and can be added to not only your keys but also your bag or purse.

4. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart £3.85 - This is by far one of my favourite books of this year and it's E. Lockhart's writing style that had me stuck to my kindle for hours. I loved it so much it took me a day to read. Primarily aimed at teenagers, the story follows the perils of teenage angst and the struggles of identity within a group of privileged youths. It has an unexpected plot twist and relatable characters. YOU. MUST. READ. IT.

5. Alphabet Scented Candles by The Country Candle Company £6.00 - Candles are another pretty safe bet when it comes to stockings, you can have them in your room, in the living room or even light them when you are in the bath. They create a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere and they are even better when they have your initial printed on them! You can get these candles in any letter from the alphabet - you could even spell a name!

6. Derwent Pastel Pencil Set £18.99 - Buying for an artist? I'm a self confessed pencil fan and Derwent create some pretty fantastic pencils. These pastel pencils are great for creating soft portraits and for extra blend they also do a blender and burnisher duo!

7. Dark Romance flexi linen plain A5 notebook by Paperchase £10.00 - What was that I said about stationary? Great for the bloggeer friend that needs somewhere to write down all her genius ideas or the wannabe writer with stories and articles on her mind. Stationary is also a thoughtful gift for someone going back to uni after the christmas break, notebooks get filled up fast with all those notes!

8. Festive Socks 3-Pack by Missguided £4.99 - Ah festive socks, christmas would just not be the same without you. Admit it, you love festive socks. Or maybe jjust socks in general? They are the present you often sigh at when you open them but come on, you must have tonnes of lonely socks living in your drawer whose partners disappeared in the wash.

9. Holdsworth Truffle Selection £8.95 - Obviously the best present in your stocking....chocolate! Need I say more?

There's a lot of other ideas you can add to your stockings, for instance my mother likes to put scratchcards in ours in case one of us wins big or maybe you could add a voucher or gift card. Or maybe you want to move away from the traditional stocking? Maybe they asked for a handbag for christmas? You could always individually wrap items and put them in the handbag and either wrap the bag, place it in a large gift bag or sneakily place it under the tree or in front the fire place late at night! It's always great to shake your christmas up a little and go for gifts they aren't expecting, but will most definitely love.

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