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Film Photoset.

I keep a shoebox under my bed holding postcards I've collected and photos that I have taken and today I decided to take it out and have a look. When I was living in Bath I took a lot of photographs on my film camera, constantly documenting the time in which I evolved in to an independent young adult. At least I like to think that's what happened. I'm back living at home now but looking back over the two years that helped shape me and in which brought about so many wonderful memories, has got me feeling nostalgic and creative again and i'll most likely be taking the camera out again soon. It's strange, because when I was doing my photography A level at college I was firmly convinced that digital images were my favourite medium and that's probably due to the fact I could manipulate them so heavily in photoshop. As I got older I looked to other methods and I've since found my love lies in film and it's purely for the reason that once you've clicked the shutter button you won't know the outcome until it's developed. I like waiting in order to see what sort of colours have been produced and what expressions and moments I have captured. Sometimes you get some beautiful images and sometimes you get a roll of black or blurry images but it doesn't matter, you can always take another film. I've included some of my photography below as you'll see my friend and ex-housemate Rachel features heavily in them which is due to the fact we were joined at the hip and for the most part still are!