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The tea party.

It has to be said that holding or attending a tea party is pretty much a rite of passage for every Brit out there! Not only do we love our tea but we also love getting out the finest crockery and dressing up to feast on sandwiches and sweet treats. You can either visit the Ritz to enjoy some fine afternoon lunching (busting your bank at the same time) or you can simply hold a party yourself and that is exactly what my younger sister did today. Next weekend she is turning 19, not exactly a milestone age but what is the point in having a birthday if you are not going to celebrate!? My mother and aunt baked A LOT of food and we set the dining room table up with tea cups, saucers, cake stands and an array of delicious goodies. We then danced for 2 hours to Disney songs with our younger cousin who is only 3 and filled our stomachs with tea and cake until we felt sick. All in all it was a pretty fantastic day.

I really need to sort my hair out!

My darling sister