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Outfit of the day 24.10

I haven't posted an outfit post in a very long time and that is mostly due to the fact that I don't own a very good camera. I really want to invest in a good one soon, it's something i've been hoping to purchase since I left school and seeing as that was about 6 years ago now it's high time I did it! Until then I will have to make do with my little automatic and my boyfriend's iphone which in all fairness aren't too bad. I was ecstatic to try out my new coat today and surprise surprise it is featuring in this outfit post! It's a bit of a mundane outfit but I was running late this morning and all I wanted was to be comfortable and warm.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with this coat and it surpassed all expectations on it's trial run today so I am certainly looking forward to tackling winter in it. The rest of the outfit is Jeans, necklace and jumper with lace hem from New Look and shoes from Primark. I really wanted to get these shoes into a post as they are currently in Primark stores for a bargain £14.00 and considering how amazing they are, who can argue with that price! They aren't real leather of course and they have cute cut out sides but I am wearing them with black socks as I needed to keep my feet warm. They look great with a dress as well!