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Mango winter coat.

It arrived!!!!!!

I got home today to find a large cardboard box waiting for me on the dining room table, I knew what it was instantly. Though I was a bit anxious at ordering from a website I haven't used before, the delivery was pretty quick. The website states 2-4 days and I ordered at about 1 am Monday morning (I've no idea why I was up at that time!) and here we are on Thursday and it has arrived! I ordered size 'S' and it fits beautifully, the length is just about right and very reminiscent of 70s shearling coats. The colour is a touch darker than the website but i'm pretty happy with that, it contrasts well with the lining. I can see me wearing this with a lot of different outfits and I am looking forward to styling it and testing what works well with it. It won't keep me dry when it rains but it will certainly keep me toasty when the winter cold really sets in. Overall I am incredibly impressed with my purchase from Mango and I would definitely recommend them not only for the quality of the clothing but also for their service as a retailer. You can see the photos below -

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