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It's Biological.

I have to admit that I am a self confessed image hoarder, I would say art but I don't own art, I just collect images from the web. I am easily motivated by intricate detailing and bright colours and I hold deep admiration for those that can epitomise beauty with nothing but a set of pencils. Inspiration can definitely come from anywhere when you work within the creative industry, silhouettes and stitches and detail can all be born from a simple image or a series of photographs or art pieces. I came across the work of Ernst Haeckel whilst searching public domain pictures. I was originally interested in vintage photographs - the internet being my only source as there isn't a vintage fair for miles around here. It was then that I came across these stunning botanical and biology illustrations created by Haeckel and taken from his book Kunstformen der Natur . The images are with out a doubt some of the most interesting and inspiring prints I have found myself drawn to in a long time; I can't help but go back to them just to see what I might have missed the time before. I can't really explain to you what I find so mesmerising about Haeckel's work, perhaps the delicacy of the lines he uses or the soft blending of vivid shades that create an otherworldly beauty that captivates the imagination. Whatever it is I felt that it needed to be shared and so I have added some of my favourite prints below, hopefully they will also inspire you.

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