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September cravings.

I am most definitely meant to be cleaning my bedroom tonight but as it turns out - online shopping is much better! I have found so much that I want, which leads me to believe this was not a good idea as I really do need to be saving my money! I was originally ebaying some wicked trainers to wear through Autumn/Winter when I came across a pair from the lesser popular European nugget that is Bershka! I originally visited one of their stores when I went to Majorca on holiday and I was super thrilled (yeah I just used that phrase...) when it came across seas to London. The only issue is that I do not live in London. Shame. However, they have a wonderful website where you can find everything you need and I'm a little overwhelmed by the endless choices, a few of my key picks are below. There's also a little bit of Pull & Bear and Zara thrown in for good measure.

I've also gotten into the habit of listening to music whilst shopping so I've included some Jessie Ware to get you in the shopping mood.

Bershka | BSK Cat Jumper | £19.99

Bershka | BSK Metallic Running Shoes | £39.99

Pull & Bear | Basic Stripe Print Dress | £19.99
It doesn't come with the grey top underneath, but man is that cute!

ZARA | Printed Trousers | £29.99