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What a Weekend.

Hello everyone, I've had a fairly exciting weekend and just thought I would update you all considering I like to class this as a lifestyle blog as well as a fashion one. First of all my aunt and uncle visited from Holland and my sister and I went to meet them for drinks at a local hotel in our town. We sat and talked for hours about life and what's happening, slipping in a cheeky glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc. My aunt showed us a photo album of her apparent children she has picked up whilst staying in their apartment in Spain - by that I mean she has adopted five feral cats! They were all beautiful though and we more modernly shared photos of our recent activities via our phones. My uncle, who is native to Holland, joked around with us and told us of his excitement at the world cup starting in a few weeks - apparently they are both going to spray their hair orange! Time flew too fast however and eventually we had to leave to go to dinner with our mother.

Today was the most exciting day of all as I picked up my new car - a jade green KA - I unfortunately don't have any pictures to show as of yet, but I will get one soon. Before we picked that up we went to Millets Farm Center near Oxford and trawled around looking at flowers and buying tasty farm food. I took a couple of pictures of some flowers which you can see below, I adore flowers and find them so inspirational that I couldn't help myself.

When we had finished here we went to get my car and after having a quick coffee stop I drove myself all the way home which was about a 40 minute drive! Considering I don't have a full license yet I was mega proud of myself and so I thought I had best let my readers know! I am now currently watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi with my boyfriend and eating left over Chinese food, a rather fitting end to a wonderful weekend. That is all for now, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, back to good ole' 9-5 tomorrow!