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Outfit Of The Day #6

Shirt - George @ Asda
Jeans - New Look
Boots - Topshop
Tote Bag - Primark

This isn't quite my outfit of the day as it is from yesterday, but that doesn't really matter does it? Cool, well this was on the way back from work as i had to go in for a few hours, boo! It wasn't all bad though as the UK is nice and sunny at the moment so the walk home was lovely. Pretty much everything apart from the jeans were bought last year, but i'm all about recycling clothes - none of this wear once rubbish for me! I have also dyed my hair to have a slightly red tint to it, though i didn't realise at first that it is only semi permanent hair colour, ah well. It also needs a good cut but i'm not sure what to do with it, ideas anyone?