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I'm so slack on posting lately, but as i said in the last post i am mega busy! I had my first proper consultation today for freelance work - i am making my aunt's wedding dress! I am feeling a mixture of emotions ranging from excitement to pressure, i want it to be perfect! We have had a few conversations to talk about what she wants and i went with her when she tried dresses, today however was when we sat down and looked at samples and drawings and i sketched what she wanted. We have agreed on a final design and i am very pleased with it. A picture unfortunately is not available, not until after the wedding....i will however be posting updates along the way! Previously i have made my uni work and i made my sister's prom dress, but this is the first big piece of work i have had in awhile and i can't describe how i'm feeling, but it feels good.

The only other thing i have to post about today is the illustration i'm currently doing, it's only an edited doodle but i think it's alright!