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Sorry that i haven't posted in over a week now, i did try to yesterday on the Blogger App, however it decided to not post and then delete what i had written. I should have paid attention to the reviews. The past week i was trying to get back in to the swing of work, which wasn't really necessary in the end considering i am now off for another two weeks which i had previously booked off. What am i doing you ask? Well, i am helping my friends finish their final collections for uni, so i'm basically their sweatshop slave for two weeks. So in reality i am swapping work for work, which just sounds mad, but it's work that i am going to enjoy so it's a good bargain.

I got the train up here yesterday and whilst waiting at one of the stops for passengers to board i noticed petals gliding past my window, apparently escaping from a blossoming tree. It made me think about how lucky i am to live in such a beautiful part of the country and how travelling on the train allows me to see much of the hidden countryside around me. Living in a town really does pull you away from the natural world around you and into a concrete jungle of sorts. It's a welcome change to see the vast expanse of fields rolled out across our countryside and dotted with wildlife and stoney cottages nestled within the hills and forestry. More so when you're stuck within the four walls of an office most days staring at the artificial imagery and light of a computer screen. I suppose we need times like these, not only for a release but to really bring back our humanity, if only for a little while. Admittedly, it would be better to be out there sticking my hands in the soil and smelling that refreshing earthy smell, but seeing it from my train carriage was enough for me.

I also decided to do some drawing on the way and so i have added a picture of a small design i did, it's not much but it's amazing how inspired you can be just at the thought of seeing your friends. I now have a vest top to finish and a jacket lining to sew so i best be off!