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Nelson's Diner.

Hello all, I’m doing a different kind of post today - no fashion involved. I spent the day with my gorgeous friend Hannah, who I have known for a pretty long time now and we decided to try out a new cafe, ahem...diner that she had heard about. Anyone who lives in North Hampshire you need to visit this place on the A339, it's called Nelson's diner and it's a wonderful magical retro 50s inspired wonderland. Waitresses are dressed up in knee length patterned skirts with tulle petticoats underneath, blouses and plimsolls, with their hair done up retro style. American classics boom from wall speakers, including some tracks from Grease and the walls are adorned with all kinds of fifties and American memorabilia including posters, license plates and advertisements, promoting the likes of Elvis Presley and Coca Cola, as you can see below -

First thing that I must mention and give credit to this place for is their mouthwatering milkshakes! Now I’m sure you've all taken a trip to shakeaway or it's lesser-known competitors at some point in your life and whilst they do sell some killer shakes you have not lived until you have tried a Nelson's milkshake! Hannah ordered a Dime one and I ordered one that was rather auspiciously named 'Birthday cake' and who could resist that! Now, as much as you may raise an eyebrow to this next statement please remember your taste buds have not lived through the pleasure that mine did earlier! And here it is - IT ACTUALLY TASTED LIKE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! I know, I should taste as it is advertised and birthday cake is usually vanilla flavored however, you need to try this to truly understand what I have just proclaimed in caps locks - curious? Good.

Moving on from those - and we did rather fast seeing as we could hardly contain ourselves from savoring them - I present you with our meals. We both had the same, adorable best friend move there right? Well I’m pescetarian and Hannah only eats chicken and on a menu packed with meaty favorites we both moved towards the veggie burger appropriately named 'California', served with a hearty portion of fries. We also both ordered a side of coleslaw, a newfound favorite of mine. What we were expecting was a small veggie burger with a slice of cheese and a bit tomato relish. What we received was the massive tower you can see below brimming with two potato burgers, grated cheese, sauces, tomatoes, lettuce and tomato relish, not to mention the quantity of our sides.

The burger tasted fantastic and all flavours flowed fantastically and really did meet my expectations if not exceed them! The fries were a little thin for my liking, making them difficult to pick up on your fork however they were cooked well. Overall the presentation of our food kept within the theme of the diner and it was an enjoyable experience for a rather dreary rain soaked Sunday in comparison. We are thinking of dragging the rest of our friends there for an evening or possibly for an upcoming birthday (namely Hannah's) though they do also offer themed nights with live music. If you live near Kingsclere/Newbury or are visiting Hampshire then you HAVE to visit!

For any other information please visit their website - here. All opinions stated within this piece are my own and are in no way endorsed by the company. I'm just raving about something I truly liked :)