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Obviously a major part of visiting your friends in another city is to go shopping! Especially when you've just been paid.....oh yeah. We were breaking our backs getting final pieces stitched together and after it was all shown to an industry panel we decided to take a little time to ourselves to go out and spend some hard earned money. Pretty sure we spent 6 hours trawling around every store we could find, but it was so worth it!!! Now one store that i need to commend for their current selection is H&M (two posts in a row!) there was sooooo much that i wanted, it was hard to just put it down to a few items otherwise i would have been busting my bank account. Regrettably, not all the money in there is for clothes, sigh. Here's what i bought -

Now you can probably tell i have a large soft spot, or maybe just a complete infatuated love for cats! I used to buy everything i saw that had a cat on it, however i have since trained myself to stand back and mull it over first. That being said i did buy two things that pay homage to our furry friends. The t shirt is far too cute to handle and i felt like i needed something a little more fun in my wardrobe and the bag came in a choice of black or leopard print. I went for the latter due to my collection of black items, i have far too many and i'm pretty sure my mother would disapprove at the thought of another black bag in our house. The blouse you can't see so well but it is sort of a snake print, i just thought it would be something sophisticated for work.

Moving on, we also took some time to look in some beauty stores where i purchased some new nail varnishes and also received a free No.7 gift set, yay! As well as some hair clips and some lipcote, which keeps your lipstick on fantastically. I spent so much money on everything i almost lost count but i'm pretty pleased with my new items, not so much getting them home however. My suitcase was already very heavy, oops.