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Easter Monday.

Today i went to visit Salisbury Cathedral with my boyfriend and his parents as well as visit a few pubs and have a few cheeky drinks. The cathedral was stunning inside, though i forgot my camera so i didn't get any pictures, however i do have a few below (taken on my boyfriend's phone) just from us messing around in the grounds. I am by no means religious and i suppose this is due to a very warped exposure to it all over the years, many religions have received bad images and this does sadden me. However, i an see the beauty within faith and i hold some admiration for those that find belief and strength in something. If you ever need to see the beautiful side of religion then visit a cathedral. One part that struck me most was that in easter tradition they had set up interactive areas around the building, one of which being writing a note for someone you felt needed saving. I will not go into detail about what was written on these notes but they were filled with all different languages and all types of love and pain. It gives me some kind of solace knowing that these people - wherever they have come from - feel that there is always someone there to listen to them and give them the support that they need.

This is Kyle and what i can only assume is his attempted cool and intellectual pose!

My only attempt at some sort of outfit post, i didn't really want to be posing in cathedral grounds and Kyle took this picture of me looking very awkward so if anyone is wondering the dress is Zara, Shoes - Topshop, Jacket - Topshop and bag - Primark.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter and received some wonderful treats and spent some time with your family!