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A magical thing happened last week when I was staying with my old fashion buddies - I made something! That doesn't sound magical I know, however it has been about a year and half since I last used my sewing skills and actually made something and I’m telling you now, it felt good! I completely forgot how much I love designing and making clothes and the pride that comes with standing back and admiring a finished garment. It all started when I went with my friend Rachel to a fabric shop as she was looking for viscose jersey. I found some really nice off white ribbed fabric and the store assistant told me that all fabrics on those rails were a pound a meter. One thing you need to know about me is that I am an absolute fabric junkie! If I find fabric that I like then I HAVE to buy it, regardless of whether I need it or not - so as you can imagine being told that the fabric in front of me was so cheap I couldn’t resist the urge to spend some money. That is when I came across the beautiful mint green textured fabric that helped me produce my first piece since leaving uni. I wanted it and for once I knew that it was going to be turned into something. Below I’ve added photos of the process of making my jacket; my ideas came from biker jackets and parkas but softened by pastel colours and an unconventional fabric for those styles -

I did actually buy a book of coat patterns a few weeks ago that I was going to take with me however I left it at home so this was also a test of my drafting and pattern cutting abilities because all I had to work with was a basic bodice and collar block. Also as a side note - the dress underneath is one Rachel made in college I just could not be bothered to take it off of her mannequin!

This was the finished toile of the jacket, as you can probably see I didn't try neatening it - I wanted to get the jacket finished as soon as possible seeing as I only had a few days until I went home. As you will see below the final thing looks a bit different due to the fabric type used and the added interfacing and topstitching detail.

This is the finished garment, however without the drawstring cord as I had to do that on the train home. It looks very different on a person and I am aiming to get an outfit post done that will contain it, I did wear it a few days ago paired with black jeans, white sandals and a white tee but I didn't have time to take a picture. IT's probably the best thing I have ever made and it was nice to actually be able to make something without university tutors watching everything I did and trying to make me change it.