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Style Crush - Emma Watson.

Can we just take a moment here to talk about Emma Watson and her absolutely enviable wardrobe? She's been lighting up the red carpet at the Berlin, NY and Madrid premieres of new film - Noah, as well as flaunting her classic style at press conferences and The Letterman Show. You cannot deny that this girl is the epitome of English rose and is becoming, if not already, an international fashion icon. What I find most appealing about her is that she dresses with a certain class that can be pulled off by few people her age - one which does not make her look older. Watson still looks fresh and youthful and sexy without baring too much flesh or adding any shock value to her looks (Miley Cyrus take note!). And it's clear that she's a valued member of the best dressed alumni seeing as she's dressing in garments hot off the catwalk that aren't even available to us mere mortals at the moment e.g. the J Mendel jumpsuit. I'm really loving the monochromatic outfits teamed with kick of pink/red lipstick, it just carries them all of and really accentuates her beauty. Let's face it, the girl knows how to dress and she knows what suits her. There's not much more I can say without gushing so much that my words turn to mush so I will leave it here and let you enjoy the photos of this fashion queen in the making.

Sources: GotCeleb / Fashion Gone Rogue