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Nice to meet you.

So at the moment i am pretty ill meaning i am stuck at home bored, though i suppose it does beat being in work....just. Unfortunately if the good doctor tells you that you have to stay at home then it looks like you have to stay at home and i can't complain my doctor is wonderful. However, i have been home for 2.5 weeks now and my recovery has been very rocky and i'm running out of things to occupy me, but let's leave the story for the very distant future. What has been a good outcome to this ailment is that i have started this blog! Hurrah! So i thought the best way to introduce myself is to post some of my illustrations, spanning over the past few years. So the first is just face studies that i did in pen so that i couldn't make mistakes and then i filled some colour in with pencils.

Pretty impressed with myself on this one it is supposed to be Siri Tollerod but i don't think it looks much like her, so let's say inspired by! I am a bit of a colouring pencil junkie, they are by far my favourite medium to use which you'll find out when i start spamming this blog with illustration work. This took hours to draw and it's on pastel paper.

Jessica Stam, i'm better at hands now i promise. This damn thing took 4 hours to colour in and it is only A4!

And finally my most recent pieces that i am working on, forgive the poor quality i have no scanner just a Samsung galaxy ace phone camera to play with! I got out of drawing for awhile but this current illness has sort of pushed me back into it and i'm glad because i forgot how much i loved it. I'm planning on doing some mixed media pieces with pencil and watercolour as painting was my previous love before i found the joy of pencils. When i have something good to show you'll be the first to see it!

Oh, also, at some point i will get round to personalising this blog a little more, but don't hold your breath that could take months.