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Leather Love.

I was recently looking for a coloured leather jacket, but i couldn't find exactly what i wanted and after posting about Haim's style yesterday i found myself compelled to search again. I had a browse through some of my favourite websites as well as having a good google session and i have found the most perfect pink leather jacket possible! To say i am in love with this jacket is an understatement - it is perfect - the only problem that i face now is lack of funding. Damn my bad health and inability to go to work! I am determined to get this jacket but sadly i may have to let it go. Sigh. The others are just some beauties that i came across on various websites, the black Topshop number is a jacket that i have admired and lusted after from afar for awhile. The R13 jacket is a fantastic example of your traditional motorcycle jacket with an high fashion edge, it's something that i cannot afford but a little eye candy never went amiss. I'm feeling ripped jeans and plain tees or floral dresses with these jackets to liven up a Spring/Summer wardrobe. Who needs fussy little cardigans ladies, when you can rock up in your leathers!?