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Style Crush - Haim.

We have Virgin Media TV at home and whenever my younger sister has the controls she morphs into a sort of DJ putting on all her favourite music videos on demand. I have to hand it to her she has a pretty good music taste, it definitely beats my mother blaring Magic radio station at high volume. Her usual playlist includes the subject of this blog post - Haim. I'd tell you all about how awesome a band they are with their rather catchy songs and seductive vocals, but let's all face it - we aren't just listening to their music we are looking at what they wear. My best word to describe their fashion style is grunge, but not a dirty i-haven't-washed-in-a-week-i-just-threw-this-on look, they still pull it off with a level of class that keeps your eyes on them. It's a mix of dark colours, denim and copious amounts of leather - i dream of day when i own that many leather jackets! And that's why they are on my fashion crush list and i wish i was best friend's with all of them so that i could cheekily borrow a few things! Oh and lets not mention the budding hair envy that i have...

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