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Ahhhhh the humble bowling alley, a centre of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike. A game that is believed to date back to the Ancient Egyptians and the Roman Empire, that has been moulded over the years into what it is today. Yesterday i shared the bowling experience with my sister and father, i've been before but only really when i was younger and once when i was about 18 (I'm 21 now!). I like bowling, it's a proper family affair isn't it? You get in a group with everyones names on the board and try to knock down ten pins by throwing a weighted ball down an alleyway at them. Not to mention it keeps everybody active and counts towards some of your daily exercise, i mean you're carrying a large weighted ball and throwing it down an alleyway! It's nice, as lame as a word that is, to just do something together and be competitive but away from the xbox and tv screens.

When my dad usually visits us (he lives an hour away) we tend to just pop into town to look around the shops and he spends an inordinate amount of time in poundland which has lead to my sister and i calling him 'The Poundland King'. I've never known someone to always find something they want or even like in Poundland and to actively want to continually visit...but let's move on. It's either town or the pub and we decided that this time we wanted to do something fun and so we visited the local bowlplex. Now this place is really something else and took me right back to my childhood - arcades, bowling and slushies! Naturally my sister and i had to have a large slushie each, generously donated to us by our darling father. The lights are colourful and crazy space/bowling ball artwork decorate one end of the room where the pins are.

My sister has only ever been bowling once and for three turns it kept coming up with a big scary 'F' on the screen, which none of us could fathom why until i went and asked and she stepped over the line. Obviously. That was an embarrassing moment, she still missed after that though but by the end of two games she'd found her feet. My dad on the other hand claimed to have only ever been once and yet he played with the stance and arm movements of a professional bowler, getting three strikes in the process which made us question his honesty. I've never been fantastic at bowling, but i played pretty well the first game with my luck slipping in the second. All in all it really was a brilliant way of spending two hours and we had a laugh. I'm thinking we may (definitely) have to go again.

Oh, i forgot, the shoes...THE SHOES!!!